Tori Amos: '97 Bonnie and Clyde

Tori Amos - 1st Batch

Alright, I'm not 100% sure if this is allowed, but I just thought I'd share my progress with everyone. =) I know I'd love to see how everyone else is doing as well.


Artist: Tori Amos
Batch: #1, 30/100

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The table is one I've borrowed from my CSI 100 challenge, simply because I found the format easy to deal with. I've changed the titles for all the icons I've done to their theme name...the rest I was too lazy to change. Hehe.
Katalina - brown polka dot

Promotion Incentive Post

Things have been a bit slow to start, which of course, is expected. So what I am asking of you is to take a banner or two and help me promote! In exchange for your promotion I will give you an extra month to submit your icons.

Promoting can be done in your user info, personal journal, your community or graphic communities. Basically anywhere people will see it.

We already have 04 people signed up and one working on her own theme list submission which i am both very excited about.

Also, if you happen to recruit someone to join and submit a claim you will get a 5 category free pass which will allow you to modify your theme list, for instance if there is a theme or two that you can't get a good image for or you just don't like with this pass you will be able to do whatever you wish with them. For each member you get to sign up I will give you a 5 category free pass, you can earn up to 05 passes for a total of 25 categories that you may do what you wish with.

Please take a banner and help me promote!