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Claim List

This is where you will be making your claims all claims will be organized by alphabetically.
Be sure to state which theme sets you will be completing.
Remember, you can either create your own set of icon themes and submit them here before you begin submitting icons. Or choose from the provided ones here.
Full set of rules can be found at the profile.
More than one person at a time may have the same claim.

Bon Jovicharlies_dragon*Traditional & SetSaturday, February 17th#01 #02030/100
Children of BodomnattfoeddTraditional & SetTuesday, May 6th
Depeche ModeaaronlisaTraditional & SetSaturday, February 17th#01050/100
Drake Bellstreet_symphonyTraditional & SetWednesday, March 12th#01 #02025/100
Emilie Autumndarkmagic_luvrTraditional & SetSunday, April 27th
EpicatheriakxTraditional & SetSunday, March 24h
GazettegazerockgirlTraditional & SetMonday, Feburary 12th
Gwen StefaniaureliaTraditional & SetTuesday, May 6th
Kamelot - Roy KhanluthienaogondorSet & Your ChoiceThursday, February 21st
Paramorecookiegirl506Traditional & SetTuesday, March 6th
Paramorelozz_xMood & SetMonday, March 17th
Sonata Arcticaapartment_47Traditional & SetSaturday, April 19th

* - indicates each 5 Category Free Pass the user has earned by recruiting a person to sign up for a claim. More information at the Promotion Incentive Post.

Use the textbox below when requesting your claim.
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