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Promotion Post

Every once and a while I will be making a post to update you guys on new affiliates of the community, the best way to get members to join is promotion!

If you would like to affiliate with music100 leave a comment at the Affiliate Post.
Idea taken from set_challenge

30rock100 - modded by 37piecesflair - make 100 icons of the nbc show 30 rock

alias_contest - modded by aurelia is back! I'm now maintainer and am putting the new challenge up tonight! leaving it open til the end of the month so I can promote it. So if you love Alias please join or promote it if you can. I'd be grateful. It's been dead for awhile.

garnerlims - modded by aurelia - The LIMS community for actress Jennifer Garner. I know it's been tried twice but hopefully 3rd time lucky lol.

ladybugcreation - My graphics journal

lims_tori - A LIMS community dedicated to the artist Tori Amos

naomi_challenge - modded by aurelia - Half stillness/half LIMS community for the actress Naomi Watts. You don't have to participate in both. Just saves having two different communities. :)

placebo_lims - modded by raisingrrrl and myself - A LIMS community dedicated to the band Placebo

set_challenge - modded by aurelia - An icon challenge community that focuses on weekly challenges of sets instead of individual icons.

scrubs100 - modded by 37piecesflair - make 100 icons of the nbc show scrubs

snl100 - modded by 37piecesflair - make 100 icons of the nbc show saturday night live

sydney_stills - modded by myalias_isjulia and aurelia - And speaking of Alias please check out the icontest
community soley dedicated to Sydney Bristow played by Jennifer Garner.

themed_lims - modded by myself - a LIMS competition based on certain themes each round and sub themes each challenge.

tori_stillness - modded by vimh_graphics and myself - a anything challenge community for the artist Tori Amos

toridesktops - modded by vimh_graphics, hadathought, beautyofspeed - a 800x600 desktop challenge for the artist Tori Amos
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