February 20th, 2008

[random] Mages' Dragon

Bon Jovi icons batch #3 - COMPLETE

Due to my internet being hinky and taking forever and a day to upload these icons, I'm a little late with them. Thanks ladybug1219 for letting me post them late *hugs*

Here's my third and last batch of icons for my claim at music100. I hope you like them :)

Traditional theme: 31 (new) + 19 = 50/50
Set theme: 39 (new) + 11 = 50/50
Total: 100/100 - COMPLETE


*** *** ***

The 3 icons with [+] next to them are the 3 (out of a possible 5) that I used my waiver thingy on, explained in this post.

The rest are at my art community.